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Codeboard Online

Virtual Coding Classroom

Real Coding. Real People. Real-Time.

Codeboard Online is a virtual classroom for teaching software development. Students learn from a real teacher, with real classmates, in real-time. It can be used for both in-person and online coding classes. Students can see the instructor’s code as it changes, and the instructor can view any of their students’ code as it changes. Codeboard Online also includes integrated video conferencing so instructors can help students resolve technical issues. Indviduals or organiztaions can purchase codeboard hosting, and then sell classes or manually add students.

Codeboard Online Features


Runs on Chromebook, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Andorid. Supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Many Coding Langauges

Codeboard has been tested with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, NodeJS, C/C++, Java, Golang, Python, Rust, Ruby, Bash. Essentially, any programming language supported on the Linux command line can be added.

Stripe Integration

Codeboard Online servers can integrate with Stripe to allow for lesson sales.



Recordings can be made available in the course material allowing students to code along with the video.

Maximize Academic Integrity

Codeboard Online has the ability to audit the file changes students make. Instructors can review these changes and identify patterns that might indicate a lack of academic integrity. It can also be used from within Respondus Lockdown Browser, which minimizes the opportunity for academic misconduct, and reduces the marking workload for instructors.

“Learning to code directly on Codeboard Online was a unique experience that enhanced my understanding of PHP syntax and functions. Unlike other editors with auto helpers, Codeboard Online challenged me to write everything from scratch, thereby strengthening my coding skills at a fundamental level. It was an invaluable learning opportunity that I deeply appreciate.”

Bishal, Conestoga College Student

Andrew Phillip’s Codeboard Online server.  This is the original Codeboard Online server that used to be at  It is used to teach home school students.  Sign up for live and recorded lessons here!

A server for students attending Conestoga College.